How To Be A Good Chair

Role and Conduct of a Good Chair This dissertation defines what a Chair could do to maximize the success of its Management Board. The appropriate qualities are listed with explanation. Also included; some conduct to be avoided. Forethought and Preparation Inexperienced Chairs often mistake their primary role as managing Board meetings. This is a secondary task to be performed and not the most eminent. Initial Meeting When a Board is […]

Reporting Board Misconduct

Sexual Incident Report Foreword:  This is not legal advice, simply a prudent approach to implement. When a complaint is brought forward by a fellow colleague or a staff worker against another member of the Board (or company, organization, etc.) the ‘Board Authority’ (senior member in charge) is advised that an Incident Report should be created as soon as possible. A timely record of all the allegations and circumstances will best […]

About Toronto’s BIAs

In Toronto, Business Improvement Areas (BIAs) are agencies of the city – that is to say their mandate comes from City Council; their Boards are approved by City Council and their main purpose is to serve the City’s priorities, while the priorities of their members (the business community they are purported to represent) are relegated to secondary importance. This can be seen by the manner in which they are set […]

Chapter 19

The governing statute that prevails over all Toronto’s BIA procedures is Chapter 19 of the Toronto Municipal Act.

Rules and Procedures

The duties and responsibilities of all members of a BIA Board are set out, as well as the conduct of all attendees at a meeting.

BIA Boards Code of Conduct

All members and staff of Toronto’s BIAs are subject to the City of Toronto Code of Conduct. The newest version intended specifically for BIA Boards, was passed by Council January 2018. This Code falls under the jurisdiction of the Office of the Integrity Commissioner for purposes of interpretation and enforcement.

 Editor’s suggestion: Review the “Reporting Board Misconduct” above.

Robert’s Rules of Order

This link connects to the most commonly-used Rules that are needed to conduct a BIA Board meeting. It is not the full list, but the Rules shown here will serve 95% of a BIA’s needs.

In Camera Protocols

Reference for conducting a meeting which will include an “in camera” session.

Conflict of Interest: The Act

The Form for declaring conflict of interest, click here

Reference for Conflict of Interest Act; the links take you to the French Version.

Office of the Integrity Commissioner

This links to the role of the Commissioner; as well as the filing of a complaint.

How to Depute

The process wherein any interested party may make a deputation to Regional City Councils.