Interested BIAs may post their information by completing the form below. The ad is intended to facilitate contact between the parties. If preferred, a Nom de Plume may be used to retain anonymity. A Nom de Plume can be created on the membership page.

Job descriptions are not required for this posting. Broadly speaking, a listing for Coordinator, Executive Director, Administrative Assistant or Bookkeeper will suffice.

A membership is prerequisite.

You will be contacted by BIA Buzz for posting protocols. Once your ad is posted any employee responding may establish contact. Thereafter, both sides may engage directly with exchanges of detailed job descriptions and resumés. Note: If you wish to keep the BIA identity confidential, please indicate this (under ‘job description’) and our staff will monitor all contacts.

Postings will expire after 60 days exposure unless renewed. Please refer to the ID number when responding.

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