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1) NO HANDSHAKING! Use a fist bump, slight bow, elbow bump, etc.

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Sample BIA Contract for Services

 Contract for BIA Administrative Services

Between:        Service Provider, an individual operating as a company under the laws of Ontario under the name of [Mr. / Ms. Xxxx] or incorporated as [123 Ontario Ltd.] and whose present address is located at [456 Main Street, Toronto, Ontario M1M 2A2]


Standard Employment Agreement


THIS AGREEMENT made this ________ day of  ______________          , 20___ , BETWEEN:

North Kapuskasing BIA (NKBIA)

(hereinafter referred to as the Employer)


- and -

Eager Beaver


Toxic Behaviour

Bear in mind that BIAs are agencies of their respective city and, Ontario’s cities, as well as most other private and public institutions, all have Codes of Conduct. And the institutions are each responsible for the conduct of their employees and members.

This is an appropriate time to inform or remind BIA members and staff of the existing behavioural guidelines which apply to the workplace. It is most prudent to undertake defe...


Templates for Agenda and Minutes

Kapuskasing Village BIA

Sample Agenda for a Board Meeting

(Location) 123 Main Street - March 1, 2002 at 9:30 am.


  1. Chair’s Opening Remarks and Correspondence

  2. Secretary’s Report - Review and approval of Minutes of meeting held on February 3, 2002


Tax Killings

OPEN LETTER TO ALL BIAs - Forget the Flowers and the Banners… Speak OUT

This is a matter that affects all your members - merchants and property owners.

The background is - the commercial property values (as calculated by MPAC) were increased outrageously, especially for Yonge Stree...


What’s a BIA? – the Real Answer

The Truth will piss you off.

The original concept of establishing Business Improvement Areas (BIAs) was appealing. The intent was to form an association of entrepreneurs which would represent, promote and support the various business members in a city or community.

In Toronto however, the ideal was hijacked by municipal politicians who are always seeking more revenue. Instead of re...


What’s a BIA?  Part II

“Safe upon the sidewalks our costly assets stand:  Come and see our BIA, built upon the sand!”

The superficial structuring of BIAs (by legislation) is intentional. It produces a great number of deficiencies in BIA governance – resulting in many conflicts, complications and waste.

Some typical BIA shortcomings…

The BIA Bo...


What’s a BIA? Part III

Business Improvement Areas are agencies of the city (in this article, the City of Toronto). They are advertised as a community of businesses which assembles to protect their interests and promote prosperity. In Toronto, these BIAs come under the influence of the "BIA Office".

The Toronto Office of Economic Development and Culture (OED) often referred to as the “BIA Office,” employs staff which is supposed to he...


What’s a BIA? Part IV

“Following advice from someone who’s spending your funds.” is strategically unwise.

The OED, like all other city departments, is judged by its success. And in a civil service environment, success is measured by spending. Never by cost-savings, nor by merit; but by spending. The more a department spends, the more ‘productive’ (successful) it is deemed to be.