Trump War Preparations

Due to Trump’s consistent unpredictable and rude behaviour, everything he says or does is seen by his detractors with a unidimensional perception. Most, if not all of the leftist media obsesses and reacts with visceral rejection. Few observers choose to look beyond the superficial. And the media (wearing blinders) fails to inform their readers – encouraging them instead to oppose everything with a heedless approach.

Yet, there is a pattern that could be explained if observed with thoughtful neutrality and analysis. If the U S is to be prepared for hostilities, it must be self-sufficient in certain basic needs. In order to engage in war, the U S will need steel, advanced technology, oil, and wealth.

For purposes of war, you need steel, oil, technology and money.

Your weapons platforms (tanks, planes, ships, artillery) need steel and technology. You cannot remain vulnerable by having your steel and oil supplied from outside sources – you will be subjected to world sanctions or higher prices and to interdictions and blockades by submarines.

Let’s review what is needed to meet these basic needs…


It takes money to go to war. A nation must generate wealth and for this to happen, it cannot continue operating with global trade deficits. It’s obvious that Trump is focussing on trade imbalances between America and its trading clients. He justifies this policy on job-creation. There is no mystery here… and all those who criticize his strategy remain oblivious to U S interests. This includes American corporations which complain as well. In today’s global economy, many businesses have established their presence in other countries to better increase their profits. They are known as multinational corporations and their priorities are to make profits – not to strengthen the U S. Accordingly, when they complain, they posture as patriotic companies trying to mitigate Trump’s damage to the nation’s economy. In fact, they simply want to protect their interests and their profits – so let’s ignore their ‘alarms’ at the harm Trump’s policies will cause. Trump’s tax cuts are intended to build up domestic industries. Reducing imports through tariffs is intended to increase home production – achieving self-sufficiency.

The smart multinationals will repatriate their assets to the U S (thereby creating more local jobs – which is what Trump has been hustling). Trade imbalance weakens American national wealth.


The U S steel industry turned comatose since steel became cheaper to import. However, if you need to build tanks and carriers, you need to have your own supply and production of steel. You cannot continue to import steel because in time of war, China might decide to stop selling you steel (especially if they are the enemy). America won previous wars due to its overwhelming capacity to produce weapons.

Accordingly, if you need to make your own, you resurrect your steel industry by reducing the importation of steel. It may cost a little more – but it’s yours to control and use as you see fit.

And in order to make steel, you need coal. Which explains why the coal mining industry, also comatose, was revived. The critics who argue about pollution refuse to look past their noses. This has nothing to do about pollution (or even creating mining jobs, which are limited, since mining nowadays is not as labour-intensive as in the past). Nonetheless, the few jobs created is an added bonus. And, to continue the point a step further, what’s the logic of not producing and selling coal when, China and India combined, consume six times what the U S burns; 60% of the global total?

Is their pollution somehow going to a different planet? Trump is not oblivious to pollution. It simply is low on his scale of priorities.

Advanced Technology:

Trump’s complaint and repeated pressure (and threats) against China is long overdue. America needs to protect its technology from industrial theft and espionage. The U S cannot outnumber its enemies; therefore it must maintain a superior advantage through advanced technology in trade, productivity and particularly, military strength. Technology is critical to America’s existence.

China is not alone but is the worst, by far, in stealing technological secrets. Trump must continue to press them against such praxis.


After decades of importing oil from afar, the U S is becoming a net exporter of oil, thanks to the advent of new drilling technology called “fracking” which has enabled oil companies to re-visit abandoned, tapped out oil wells. The fracking process enables a greater recovery of oil assets that were inaccessible through conventional pumping. It has revived oil production in the continental U S and made it self-sufficient. sustain

In summary, once these steps have made the U S self-sufficient in these basics, America’s military options will brook a reduced vulnerability to military stalemates and any crippling of its economy.

These metrics are there for all to see – unfortunately histrionic reactions from Trump’s critics cloud all views, overwhelming any narrative which may reveal a better analysis of developments.

(See: “Trump and Tariffs”)

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