Bear in mind that BIAs are agencies of their respective city and, Ontario’s cities, as well as most other private and public institutions, all have Codes of Conduct. And the institutions are each responsible for the conduct of their employees and members.

This is an appropriate time to inform or remind BIA members and staff of the existing behavioural guidelines which apply to the workplace. It is most prudent to undertake defensive and protective measures before any accusations fly forth… to avoid a tsunami that is nowadays implacable.

In today’s circumstances, where little effort is expended for analysis and judgments are swift and final, caution is strongly advised. This article is offered as a reminder of the applicable rules, regulations, codes and resolutions.

Act prudently. A mark of good governance is to avoid crises. Forward this email or share its links with all your colleagues in the BIA; be they workers, volunteers or fellow members.

Prevention is to be preferred over prosecution. Within a few days, BIA Buzz will publish a form to be completed when a sexual complaint has been made and needs to be recorded. This ‘Incident Report’ will be found on our site, under ‘Governance’ and posted in the ‘Management’ page.

Advise your people it is better to spend a few minutes learning the Codes of Conduct (which make for uninteresting reading) than being informed about them later from a lawyer.

Toronto Code of Conduct on Harassment

Toronto Complaint Procedures

Ontario Human Rights Complaints and Process

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