Kapuskasing Village BIA

Sample Agenda for a Board Meeting

(Location) 123 Main Street – March 1, 2002 at 9:30 am.


  1. Chair’s Opening Remarks and Correspondence

  2. Secretary’s Report – Review and approval of Minutes of meeting held on February 3, 2002

  3. Treasurer’s Report

    • Review invoices submitted (Appendix A)

    • Approval of expenditures (as itemized)

    • Adoption of Treasurer’s Report

  4. Directors’ Reports (Committee Reports)

  5. Agenda business

  6. Other business *

  7. Adjournment

The above is a sample and intended to be tailored for each meeting as required. One important comment is added because procedure is sometimes misapplied in meetings.

 * The entry ‘Other Business’ should not be used to introduce an issue not previously made known to the Board members. Such action is referred to as an ‘ambush’. Members are not expected to deal with unannounced items, since not having been previously informed, they are unlikely to be prepared for any meaningful debate. If allowed, it may lead to unwise, unconsidered decisions.

To introduce ‘new’ business, the proper procedure is to notify the Secretary a few days in advance of the meeting and request an issue be added to the agenda – then, when the agenda is circulated, the Board is cognizant of what will be discussed.

* ‘Other business’ is an entry to be used for re-visiting an item previously addressed in past meeting(s) and for which discussion took place but the matter was  not adequately resolved – unfinished business.


Kapuskasing Village BIA

Sample Minutes

Date: March 1, 2002      Time: 9:40 am        Location: 123 Main Street


Tom … Chair                                     (Note when the meeting begins; note quorum)

Rich …   Secretary                            (Also note if any voting member arrives late or

Harry ..Treasurer                             leaves early – it determines quorum)

Doris… Director

Lily …    Director                               (Arr. 9:14)

Bill …     Director

John…   Director                                                              

Barry… Director

Joy.…    Councillor                           (Dep. 10:44)

Igor …   Councillor                          

Regrets:       Janet…  Vice Chair


Dierdre… staff, Councillor Sandra

William… staff, Councillor Boris

Michael …manager, Street Festival Event management

Barbara … BIA Coordinator

Meeting Agenda – attached as Appendix A

  1. Call Meeting to Order

The meeting was called to order at 9:40 am with quorum and no conflict of interest declared.

  1. Secretary’s Report

Approval of BOM Meeting Minutes of February 3, 2002.

Moved by Bill.., seconded by Lily… Passed. 2002-03-01-1

  1. Treasurer’s Report

a)    Invoices Recommended for Payment

The list of invoices is attached as Appendix B. The Treasurer presented the report.

The invoices were reviewed as submitted and approved for payment.

Moved by Doris.., seconded by Rich.. Passed. 2002-03-01-2

  1. Administrative

       Kapuskasing BIA Board of Management

The Chair reported that the Board of Management now had 4 new Board members for a total of 10 Board members (including 2 Councillors); creating a meeting quorum of 4.

  1. Safety Committee

Doris reported that the city was assigning police officers to patrol the main intersection during weekends and long holidays to reduce drunkenness and drug activity.


Action Plan: Report to Board on results from these patrols

By: William, Councillor Boris’ staff

Timeline: Next Board Meeting

        Street Festival

John reported that the Street Festival is proceeding according to plan and it is scheduled for the long week-end of April 1, 2002. He invited Michael from the events management company to add a few words and answer any questions.

Action Plan: Report to Board about Festival sponsors

By: John and Michael

Timeline: Next Board Meeting

Communications Committee

Barry reported that the web designer whose quote was accepted has created a draft sample of the new web-site and will present it at the next meeting by attending and bringing his laptop.

At this time, the web designer would like to be given an advance payment of $300.

Motion to provide a $300 cheque to the web designer as an advance on the account.  

Moved by Doris.., seconded by Rich.. Passed. 2002-03-01-3

There being no other business, the Chair adjourned the meeting at 11:55 am.

_____________________________                ___________________________

Tom… , Chair                                                                      Rich…, Secretary



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