ON1Call Denouement

The matter is now past and here is a summary of the relevant facts.

Readers will recall from previous articles that this problem was created and foisted unto the BIAs by three sources.

  1. Mike Major of the Office of Economic Development (OED)

  2. John Kiru of Toronto Association of Business Improvement Areas (TABIA)


ON1Call Developments Update December 5

ON1Call Update - recent developments. December 5.17

For those BIAs being swamped with costly demands for locates, here’s the latest from City Council.

The matter was brought before Council two weeks ago but was shelved due to an overloaded agenda. It is being returned this week (December 5, 6, 7) when Council meets again.


ON1Call Rubbish


Non-compliance is the solution

The caveat to non-compliance is that the BIA Board should be prepared to defend its self-determination. The following are facts that should be made known to all those involved. 1          ON1Call has been foisted unto the Toronto BIAs with the connivance and approval of John Kiru of TABIA and Mike Major of the Office of Economic Development (OED). 2          About 20 months ago, two staf...