Board Member Per Diems

Per Diems Must Be Introduced for Boards

Per Diems for BIA Board members are long overdue. Toronto milks BIAs for millions annually and has never shown any appreciation or generosity towards those who serve the city’s interests. In fact, some councillors (thankfully not all) not only provide little support… they only get involved when it’s in their political interests to meddle. Other...


How To Be A Good Chair

Role and Conduct of a Good Chair

This dissertation defines what a Chair could do to maximize the success of its Management Board. The appropriate qualities are listed with explanation. Also included; some conduct to be avoided.

Forethought and Preparation

Inexperienced Chairs often mistake their primary role as managi...


Trump and Tariffs

Striking the Colours

In the days of sail, any warship facing insurmountable odds and unable to escape, would strike her colours as a sign of submission. Usually this act was preceded by firing off one cannon not aimed at the superior enemy (intended to miss), thereby claiming that, “Honour was served”.

The superior adversary, once colours were struck, would take possession ...


Decongestion Tax Coming…

Road Closures and Selfish Solutions

Every year Toronto is subjected to road closures which not only frustrate traffic flow - but cause economic hardship to Toronto’s business community.

The politicians view this as a way of life - ‘the cost of doing business’.

But this ‘cost of doing business’ is on the backs of those who provide jobs, dev...