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Decongestion Tax Coming…

Road Closures and Selfish Solutions Every year Toronto is subjected to road closures which not only frustrate traffic flow – but cause economic hardship to Toronto’s business community. The politicians view this as a way of life – ‘the cost of doing business’. But this ‘cost of doing business’ is on the backs of those who provide jobs, development and taxes which prosper our community. These are the key producers […]

For Whom the BIAs Toil

Servants or Slaves? There is a universal premise that those who govern in a democracy do so with the consent of the governed. This tenet presumes that the governed have chosen their governors and have empowered them to protect the interests and safety of the governed. Under current legislation enacted by provincial authority, BIAs are designated as agencies of the municipal government (in Toronto, that would be City Council). Such […]

King Street – Where Businesses Go To Die

JOHN TORY’S KING STREET DISASTER: RELIEF NOWHERE IN SIGHT   By Doug Ford The car exclusion zone on King Street has now been in place for the past couple of months. What I have heard and seen from small business owners is that sales have sunk to an all-time low, traffic has been driven away from King Street, and the neighbourhood has become less vibrant. Gridlock has become unbearable on […]

Board Member Per Diems

Per Diems Must Be Introduced for Boards Per Diems for BIA Board members are long overdue. Toronto milks BIAs for millions annually and has never shown any appreciation or generosity towards those who serve the city’s interests. In fact, some councillors (thankfully not all) not only provide little support… they only get involved when it’s in their political interests to meddle. Otherwise, they keep tabs (spying) on the BIAs by […]


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